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2020 Wrap-Up, and What’s on the Horizon for 2021?

  This past year has been one wild ride.  The pandemic and uncertainty around how long we would be stuck living under restrictions imposed fundamental changes in our daily lives.  And while no one would choose to relive this past year, many of the adaptations made to...

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Jordan’s Rant #1:

For this episode of Jordan’s Rants, we learn a little about Jordan’s dubious past, and why he’s hard to buy for around Christmas…

Navigating the new FORM 1099

Watch this short video to see how revisions to the 1099-MISC affect the oil and gas industry.

Identifying Fraud to Protect Your Business

Small business owners often wear many hats but at some point, the need to scale prompts the need to delegate certain roles and functions. Not every entrepreneur or business owner… read more

State of Our Industry: Where Are We Headed?

United States crude production, led by the shale revolution, hit peak production of more than 13 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2020. After a decades long slump in field… read more

Regulatory Compliance with Eddye Dreyer Financial Services

One area of oil and gas accounting that probably receives less attention than it should is the topic of regulatory compliance. Mr. Federal Tax Collector as well as the great… read more

Meet the Team – Melinda Marks

Choosing to outsource part of your team can be a difficult decision. Who you partner with is essential to being successful which is why at Eddye Dreyer Financial Services, it’s… read more

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