Making The Most Of Your Mineral Rights

Managing Your Mineral Rights So You Don’t Have To

Managing your own mineral assets can be tricky. Do you fully understand the rights and obligations laid out in your lease proposal(s)? Are you sure you’re being accurately compensated for your ownership? With Eddye Dreyer Financial Services, our mineral management experts dive into the details, to the eighth decimal point, and make sure your agreements are being fully actualized, to your financial benefit.

Stay On Track With Your Mineral Rights

Whether it’s a family interest or you’re running mineral interest for several hundred partnerships, our support services can scale to meet the level of effort needed.

Our oil and gas experts know how to read and interpret each lease agreement, audit historical revenue deposits, taxes and ownership obligations to make sure you’re being accurately compensated down to the penny.

Our revenue check processing is an efficient and convenient way to track your account. When small decimal points can mean millions, accuracy matters.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Data Processing
  • Asset Management
  • Oil and Gas Asset Inventory
  • Custom Royalty and Production Reporting
  • Lease Royalty Summary
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Investment Preparation
  • Transaction Closures
  • Data Maintenance
  • Production History Retention
  • Reconciliation of Unpaid Royalties

Ready to understand your mineral rights? Request a meeting to see how we can help.

“After I inherited mineral rights in a will, I realized I was in over my head. There were a lot of moving parts to consider, so sitting down with Eddye Dreyer made the process of getting my lease in compliance easy. They even discovered I had unclaimed oil and gas royalties.”

Mineral Interest Owner

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