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Chosen by more than 1,900 companies, WolfePak is an industry leader in accounting and regulatory compliance software for the oil and gas industry. Whether you’ve outgrown Quickbooks or are looking to consolidate your multiple accounting software applications, Eddye Dreyer will assist you in converting your current platform into one highly-efficient and consolidated system with WolfePak.

WolfePak Software

Simplify Your Workload

Let Eddye Dreyer help you simplify your operations and streamline your processes. We will work with you to export your data out of your old system and into your new accounting setup.

We take the time to learn your operations and can:

  • Develop custom dashboards, trending and forecasting models
  • Automate month-end reporting
  • Recommend improvements to your bookkeeping processes from transaction tickets to payroll.

Whether we train your team or become your outsourced advisory solutions partner, our team of experts will set you up for success with WolfePak.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions to see how a WolfePak migration could benefit your business.

Is WolfePak Software Right for Me?

If you work in oil and gas accounting, then yes! WolfePak offers four standard software packages with core oil and gas accounting functionality for operators, midstream/first purchasers, investors and service companies. With various add-on modules, you can customize your accounting, bookkeeping and reporting needs as your business needs expand. Eddye Dreyer is a preferred partner of WolfePak with extensive knowledge and expertise in the oil and gas accounting software. We can work with you to convert your data from your existing accounting software and help you improve efficiency.

How Much Does WolfePak Cost?

Call us and find out! WolfePak has established themselves as industry leaders, and as a preferred provider, Eddye Dreyer works closely with them to ensure that the all-in cost of software licensing and outsourced transaction processing are worth your investment. Whether your family just wants to better track your royalty interest or you’re an operator who needs a full-service accounting partner, we can help you select the right modules and make sure you’re using the full power of WolfePak’s functionality to drive more profit to the bottom line.

Does WolfePak Allow Remote Access?

Yes! There are many remote solutions that will work, but Eddye Dreyer and WolfePak recommend using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Contact us today to talk about your conversion needs.

Will My Company Outgrow WolfePak?

Nope! WolfePak is one of the leading solutions in oil and gas accounting and bookkeeping. It’s completely scalable up or down. As your company grows, you can add additional modules as your business needs becomes more complex conversely if your business pivots and you want to streamline, WolfePak makes that easy too.

Is There is a Limit to How Many Properties I Can Have for Revenue Billing?

Absolutely not! Because of WolfePak’s scalability, you can have an unlimited number of properties. You can set up unlimited sets of books for companies too. WolfePak has multi-company options to help you combine, share or separate reporting and day-to-day operations as you see fit.

How Secure is WolfePak?

WolfePak features extensive, flexible security options to protect your accounting data from unauthorized users. You can set security by:

  • User by user
  • Company by company
  • Screen by screen

You can also restrict access and make changes to specific account numbers and/or journals. Talk to us today to learn about setting restrictions and security for your accounts.

Does WolfePak Stay Current with IRS Regulations?

Yes! WolfePak software stays up-to-date and current with the latest IRS requirements and changes to keep your filings compliant with state and federal guidelines.

I Need Help. Do You Offer Training?

Yes, we can help! As a preferred partner of WolfePak, we offer our clients implementation, conversion and training services. As a new user, we’ll work with you every step of the way from converting your data over to WolfePak to training your team on the ins and outs of the software so that you’ll be in an expert in no time. Let’s get started!

Why Eddye Dreyer Financial Services?

Our team of experts have been using WolfePak for oil and gas bookkeeping services for decades. We come from the industry and have dedicated our careers to streamlining and improving oil and gas accounting efficiencies. As a preferred partner, we can help you maximize WolfePak software’s full potential and provide training to your staff as well as consulting and outsourcing for regulatory compliance, mineral interest and bookkeeping.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

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Eddye Dreyer WolfePak Software Experts

The WolfePak Experts

As the preferred provider of WolfePak accounting software implementation, conversion and training we are your one-stop shop for all oil and gas accounting needs. Our team is a full-time staff of oil and gas CPA’s, controllers, analysts and landmen that have the WolfePak knowledge and operational expertise to deliver customized solutions for any accounting or operational need.

Eddye Dreyer WolfePak Software Experts

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