Regulatory Compliance with Eddye Dreyer Financial Services

One area of oil and gas accounting that probably receives less attention than it should is the topic of regulatory compliance. Mr. Federal Tax Collector as well as the great State of Texas, and everywhere else there is oil and gas production want their share of the revenue generated by extracting hydrocarbons from the land under their borders. Oil states are, after all, highly dependent on severance taxes as a source of revenue. However, with the volatility of commodity prices, generating stable cash flows is an enormous challenge for state… read more

The Case for Fixed Fee Billing

Everyone is familiar with time and material billing. We do the work and whatever time it takes; we bill you at the end of the month. It may be fair, and it may be accurate, but it can give clients heartburn when they don’t have insight into their monthly expenses, especially in today’s environment. A new trend we’re seeing in outsourced service businesses, and one we’ve started offering, is fixed fee billing (a set cost for services that does not change based on time spent). Let’s explore how this could… read more

Onboarding: What Can You Expect?

When onboarding our new clients, we understand that this is the time to instill confidence, keep things moving forward and begin to build a relationship. The beginning of a successful onboard starts with in-depth conversations with a new client about goals, the current state of their back office and what success looks like for the company. But it’s even more than that. Let us walk you through what can you expect when onboarding with Eddye Dreyer Financial Services. Assess and Build a Plan of Action Most of the work for… read more

Outsourcing – What’s the Value?

Outsourcing has been around for decades but for many, the concept hasn’t been viewed in the right light.  Come decision-making time, the pitch to management teams considering outsourcing as a solution was all about one word—cost.  While cost is always a factor, it’s only one part of the equation. To truly compare your options between outsourcing and in-house support, you need to evaluate the total value, from experience to scalability, to overhead expenses. Increased Productivity Choosing to outsource your back office can allow management teams to stay hyper-focused on their… read more

New Lease. Old Problems.

New Lease. Old Problems.

So you just got a great deal on a new lease, but as is often the case with great deals, this one came with a few strings attached. The previous operator failed to keep up with regulatory filings and now you’ve got to dig yourself out of an unenviable position. So what do you do? With a bit of effort you can right the ship and navigate your lease back into smooth sailing. This blog will help you get started. One of the first things any new lease owner should… read more