Jordan’s Rant #3:

We Can All Be Grateful Nothing Exciting Has Happened In 2021 So Far…   I don’t know about you, but I was certainly hoping for a less belligerent 2021. Sure, I knew in my heart of hearts COVID-19 wasn’t magically going to go away. And let’s face it, I am so far down on the “essential population” category that it will be 2046 before I am eligible for a vaccine. I suspected the fracas from the November presidential election would get sorted out and life would go on. After all,… read more

Jordan’s Rant #2:

We Might Have a New President, So What? I Still Like to Guzzle a Little Gas   There was a presidential election recently, although, you might not have noticed. I’ve always enjoyed election day. For a news junkie like me it’s better than the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and Monte Carlo Grand Prix all rolled into one. I turn my home office into a Command Center. BBC World News, CNN, Fox News, and ‘The Peoples’ MSNBC all running on different screens and TV’s feeding me obscene amounts of election coverage…. read more

Jordan’s Rant #1:

For this episode of Jordan’s Rants, we learn a little about Jordan’s dubious past, and why he’s hard to buy for around Christmas…