Last year we explained how we were responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects on the Oil & Gas Industry (it’s a great read – check it out here). Most of the changes we adapted had a single focus in mind: providing continuity to our clients. Eddye Dreyer Financial Services was able to transition through a rapidly changing environment because of our investment in two key assets: our technology infrastructure, and our people.

This meant two things for our clients. They were able to focus on their business, knowing their books were in safe hands. They were also able to leverage our 30 years of experience to guide them through uncharted territory.

It would be pedantic to explain the importance of proper bookkeeping to you at this point. A large part of this discussion, however, keeps falling through the cracks: security versus accessibility. Sure, you don’t have to worry about the paper ledger in your desk drawer being hacked, but what happens when your office floods, or when your staff suddenly has to work remotely? Three office workers sharing a Quickbooks login mitigates the accessibility issue, but you can no longer audit which employee made which changes, leaving the door open for fraud (see our article here). We use WolfePak’s SaaS cloud-based software solutions to ensure information is always accessible and secured. If your office (or ours, for that matter) gets ransomware’d, your information is safe.


Eddye Dreyer Financial Services has decades of experience with Oil & Gas bookkeeping. Let us help you enjoy a successful 2021.


To say last year was uncharted territory for the Oil & Gas sector is almost disingenuous. The industry struggled to find its footing, yes, but even that isn’t entirely new, is it? Not to put too fine a point on it, but we predate most of our clients. You see a lot in 30 years, and that perspective allowed us to act decisively, when much of the industry was reacting. Our bookkeepers have an average of 15+ years of experience in O&G accounting, making our people, more than the company, an invaluable asset to our clients. We just onboarded a client whose on-site bookkeeper retired after 10 years, and before they came to us they were scared to be losing all of that institutional knowledge. At Eddye Dreyer, we provide the continuity of a large firm, while emphasizing the importance of the personal approach to our account managers. Because our account managers know your books front to back, they can serve as a resource to you as you are planning next steps.

We are excited to see what 2021 brings to the Oil & Gas Industry. Will there be challenges? Of course. Surprises? Predictably. But we have been working hard, both with you and behind the scenes, to buffer uncertainty with sound practices and solid people.

Contact us today to discuss what role we can take in setting you up for a successful 2021.

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