When onboarding our new clients, we understand that this is the time to instill confidence, keep things moving forward and begin to build a relationship. The beginning of a successful onboard starts with in-depth conversations with a new client about goals, the current state of their back office and what success looks like for the company. But it’s even more than that. Let us walk you through what can you expect when onboarding with Eddye Dreyer Financial Services.

Assess and Build a Plan of Action
Most of the work for a successful and efficient onboarding happens collaborating with our clients. We work with you to identify your services and what needs to be accomplished. Understanding the initial goal will help guide us through knowing the right questions to ask. What’s important to you? How do you want to see the information? What type of reporting will management teams need and expect in order to make decisions and analyze performance accurately? This is a good time facilitate conversations to uncover unique circumstances and special needs your business may have.

Technology Optimization

As a premier Preferred Service Provider of WolfePak, we are well-versed in the complete functionality of this industry-specific software platform. We identify which modules can be used in your back office to meet your goals and build a custom workflow and process directly related to your business needs.

Review Expectations
During the onboarding process, we take some time to ensure we are all on the same page about roles, accountability and timelines. We review key roles and responsibilities to make sure we have a mutual understanding of what goals and objectives look like as we move forward. Setting specific expectations is the best way to meet expectations moving forward and prevent missed goals or misunderstandings.

Follow Up
We communicate clearly and often! During the onboarding process, we will schedule progress updates to keep the lines of communication open. This is an opportunity for both our team and yours to ask questions, clarify status and sync up on work progress.

At Eddye Dreyer Financial Services, we know that with time and energy invested in onboarding, we can build a successful long-term partnership with each and every client. Contact us today to find out how any our back-office services can help you.

About Eddye Dreyer Financial Services, LLC

AvatarEddye Dreyer Financial Services began with a simple thought in mind: E&P operators are often not fully equipped to perform the complex accounting required for the management of oil and gas assets. At the same time, it can be prohibitively expensive to maintain a full-time staff of specialized bookkeepers and in-house accountants. That’s where we come in.

As a subsidiary of San Antonio-based Avisto Capital Partners, Eddye Dreyer Financial Services is a best-in-class oil and gas bookkeeping firm specializing in comprehensive bookkeeping, mineral interest management, financial consulting, and regulatory compliance services. With more than 50 experienced oil and gas bookkeepers, controllers, analysts and landsmen, we have become leaders in the oil and gas industry with specialized expertise in the latest laws, methods, and technology.

As the exclusive preferred partner of WolfePak oil and gas accounting software, we are able to offer a complete suite of solution for clients looking to outsource their bookkeeping and back office operations.